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Life in Poetry: Letter to the Unknown

If there is one thing I value in life, its friends. As much as you want to be in touch with all of your friends, they have a life too. They also have other friends. They will come, and then they will go. Nothing ends, you still see them, you still get a chance to talk to them, but you know you just have to wait for that time like reunions or get togethers. At one point you see them everyday but good things don’t last. But in every person, there is always a special group of friends that you can truly say you roll with. That you live and breath for these guys. A group of friends in which you could say you would die and take a bullet for them. Changes do come, but I still think its crazy to know when one suddenly disappears from an elusive group. You just don’t disappear that way, you always find a way to keep in touch. That is why I am really surprised that a friend of mine all of a sudden acts like we don’t mean shit no more. Sure, I’m happy he found God much more closer than before, and is working hard for his career, but c’mon, one night won’t hurt. He mean so much to me and that is why I’m doing this. Ken Salang, if there is by any chance you’ll get to read this, this poem is for you and to all the people in which experienced having to lose a friend. I don’t know what more I can say, we love you man, and if you act that way, we still respect that. But in all honesty, its all fucked up with how you are treating us. But if is what it is, then so be it. Here’s to you…

Letter to the Unknown

by: Noel Yulo

I remember someone told me years ago
That friends do come and then they go
But we’ve known you for far too long
For you too act like you’re already gone
So tell me something dear my friend
Why you’re not moving in that sand?
It’s quickly swallowing you in whole
Sad part is you don’t care at all
We’re already extending our hands to you
Not moving a muscle you’re making us fools
A successful career we all know you want
Trying to be your parents’ prodigal son
News flash though, all of us are
Working hard so in life we’ll go far
In every time that all of us can show up
Why can’t you find ways to suddenly pop out?
As of now we all have different shit in life
But we can always find a way to be free at night
You’re too busy that’s why your away from us?
Preaching about God like you’re the next Jesus?
At least every time Jesus’ preached to the people
He was always surrounded closely by his disciples
In by any means we are not your followers
But in our lives your presence truly matters
We make fun of you oh, we are all aware
Being laughed at is something each of us bare
Its part of our brotherhood you already know that
But you treat us like were demons that’s a fact
You call us immature you think we don’t know?
We dragging you down right isn’t that so?
Are you too grown up to even have fun?
To play with us under the heat of the sun?
Well if that is the case then so be it
Clearly your new passion had us all beat
But whatever happens you’re still our homie
You’re going through something we cannot see
But it’s fucked up to blow us off all the time
For you hanging out with us is a punishable crime
You can’t blame us if we act like you don’t exist
It’s a sad truth and for you to know we insist
If we mean anything to you then do us a favor
Just show up once before you’re gone forever
Tell us everything you want to say
So all of us can start a new day
Give us time to grieve on your tombstone
Before one day comes and to us you’re unknown