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The pressure is on you, Mr. James

Lebron James

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The Chosen One

King James

It’s time.

As the final buzzer sound, the entire Chi-Town came down with their heads down, souls humbled and hands shaking. The best team in the East have floundered down, blowing out a 12-point lead. The Chicago Bulls of Derrick Rose have failed to bring back the once proud team back to the NBA Finals.  Too young, lacking experience, the MVP couldn’t keep up with the villainous “Big 3”. The Miami Heat has struck with fierce and strong determination and have finally found themselves back to the NBA Finals. But this is not the Shaq-Wade team back in ’06, this is a Miami Heat that still has Wade, but with two superstars on tow, Chris Bosh and the ever great Lebron James. From “The Decision” down to the Eastern Finals, the “Heatles” have faced scrutiny and criticism. But through thick and thin, they have faced adversity, proven doubters wrong and showed the world that they are the uprising of a new generation of champions. On the other side of the coin is the Dallas Mavericks, who, like the Heat, have dispatched a young team out of the Playoffs. It is a match that could only be written well like a true Hollywood movie, a rematch of the ’06 Finals. Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks, no more Lakers, no more Boston, it is Round 2 of the awaited rematch. For the Mavs, it is a long-time coming, 5 years they have waited for this opportunity again, and here they are, Dirk, Terry, Kidd, Marion, all hungry for a championship. And for Wade, Bosh and James, who will have to win the big one to cement their legacy as one of the best in the history of basketball. You can put the pressure on the “old” Mavericks team, for having veteran players who haven’t gotten a ring yet, or to the star-studded Heat who were dubbed champions before there very first game. No matter how much you flip the coin, neither teams hold no pressure, all pressure goes to Lebron.

Who could ever forget that young kid from Ohio who was drafted No. 1 pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers way back in 2003. He was young, athletic, he had the makings of a legend. He captivated the world with his skills that is one in a million and showed the world that even just fresh from high school that he could dance with the big boys. Once he stepped foot in a NBA arena, “The Chosen One” captivated millions. Everyone hyped up the coming of the new No. 23, he delivered and never disappointed anyone. He had a bright future and everyone around him was counting the championships that he may win, the legacy he will make, and the birthright of even becoming bigger than the original No. 23. But through it all, for all the hype he was given, the Nike endorsements, the Sports Illustrated covers, the Zoom Lebrons, Lebron James hasn’t won “the big one” yet. Seven years in Cleveland, he brought the house down, but he never even once was able to bring the trophy home. For someone who was expected to win, for all the talents that he possessed, he failed to deliver. He was able to bring a mediocre Cavs to the Finals in 2007, but that was the farthest he could go. He didn’t have the support to win it all, and the myth of the Chosen One deteriorated after 7 years in Cleveland. With a destiny that is slowly fading away, he made a decision, a decision that would change the landscape of NBA basketball forever. He decided to bring his talents down to South Beach. Lebron James. Dwayne Wade. Chris Bosh. On one team, the NBA was heading to a scary direction. The Heat have faced a lot of backlash and they had their lows during the season, but once they put the gear to a full throttle, the Heat express train can’t be stopped. Even with the star power, Heat can only go to how far Lebron can take them. Clearly the talented of the 3, Lebron finally has the chance to live up to what he was destined to be, the ultimate baller, the best of the best, a living legend. With him isn’t a mediocre team, no more excuses, no more choking, none. He got his two buddies playing with him now. It’s time to put up or shut up.

Wade doesn’t need the distinction of carrying the pressure of winning one, he already has. He was even Finals MVP. Chris Bosh, as a talented player that he is, fits well as a 3rd fiddle of this Miami squad and doesn’t really carry that much pressure. But for the man who was dubbed as The Chosen One, everything he was hyped up to be, is now in the palm of his hands. He was here before, and he couldn’t climb the mountain, got swept and was buried down. It’s his time to redeem himself, prove doubters wrong and show the world that The King can indeed win a ring. The pressure in on Lebron now. He maybe young, but he wasn’t destined to win on his later years, he was destined to win now. All that stand out in his way, is not the Dallas Mavericks, but himself. If he can go over the hill, get over this diversity, then, all the hype will become fruitful. All his past accomplishments will be dignified. Lebron only needs 4 wins. He only needs to play the 16 most important quarters of his life. He only needs to bring this Miami Heat to the top of the mountain and his legendary status begins. All eyes will be on the Heat, no one looks to James as an individual anymore. But deep inside, he knows what he needs to do. He knows what should be done. He knows that everything start and ends with him. A new era is about to unfold, and Lebron and Co. is leading the pack. The Dallas Mavericks can hold their ground pretty well, and the Miami Heat can find ways to struck impact when it is needed the most. It is a making of a great Finals match-up. But at the end of this Finals, everyone will find out, everyone will see, everyone will know, what  Lebron James is really made off. Either he wins or shames a destiny he was never really meant to have.