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The Vet and the Rook: “Intro”

Writing a novel or short stories has always been my favorite hobby. Inside my head. I have probably created hundreds of short stories but they are all just inside my noggin. Can’t really say that I have “golden” stories but hey, there is internet and it’s free to write so why not?. So I’m creating my first short story here in my WordPress blog titled “The Vet and the Rook”. It is a story of the “Vet” and the “Rook”, two completely opposite people but with tons of similarities, who came upon meeting each other one day and their life has been intertwined ever since. Here is a short background of the two characters and the first of many short stories:

Vet – A 23-year man who thinks he is 40 years old. Been through a lot of experiences but is still yearning for knowledge. Used to be emotional but leaned into being a cold-blooded person. Known to be a serious type but knows how to motivate people by pushing them to reach their limitations.

Rook – An 18-year old man who thinks highly in life. Is a risk-taker and an emotional man. Likes to aspire a lot of things but is too lazy to do any of them. Thinks he has life sorted out but is still to find out the harsh truth of adult life.

One cold night in a bar…

Vet: Jack’s. On the rocks.

Bartender: Long week again Vet?

Vet: The only long in me is my dick.

Bartender: That’s not what my sister said, hahaha!

Vet: Your sister has a huge vagina. I think 10 men tried to do it. They were all tired so they slept inside THAT cave.

Bartender: Har har. Enough with the jokes. So, how are the crew?

Vet: Let’s not talk about it. How’s my drink? Your hands are getting slow old man, c’mon!

Bartender: Speak for yourself, Mr. “I am old even if I’m still 23 years old”, hahaha! Here you go slick. Enjoy your one-glass-per-week…old man, haha.

Vet: Pffft. You know me. I can take on all your drinks if only the bartender serving was a hot chick.

Bartender: Ain’t hot for you big guy? Hahaha.

*Bar door opens*

Rook: Ei yow! A bucket of beer my good sir!

Bartender: Excuse me? Do you have your ID with you?

Rook: Ha ha. Very funny. I know I look young but I’m already 18. Now do you want to have money or should I bring my thirsty mouth somewhere else?

Bartender: Kids these days. Always acting tough. Here you go slick. You are drinking with friends right?

Rook: Nah. I can handle myself. If I have extra in my wallet I’ll take on another bucket!

Vet: Second bucket is on me.

Rook: Wha–whaat?

Bartender: Haha! The drunken philanthropist is at it again! Ayt. Let me just get ’em buckets.

Rook: Wait, I’m only paying for THIS bucket.

Vet: You deaf? I said second is on me right? You seem to be a brash kid. Go ahead. Drink.

Rook: Why? What are you trying to prove here?

Vet: Nothing. I just want to see you wash your life away like a useless goof that you are.

Rook: Excuse me??!! Goof?! Who the fuck do you think you are?!

Vet: Just a man enjoying his drink. Now, can you drink the second bucket or are you just going to whine there like the bitch that you are?

Rook: FUCK YOU man! You really want to huh?! Huh?! Pfffft!! I’ll show you! *drinks a bottle*

Vet: Let me know when your kidney stops working.

Rook: HA! *gulping* This ain’t enough man!!!

Vet: Another one.

Bartender: I don’t want people dying here.

Vet: This place looks like a cemetery already.

Rook: *Finshed another bottle* Ohhhh…see?…I can still manag- *fells off*

Vet: And drop goes the weasel.


In a nearby soup restaurant…

Rook: *wakes up* Whe–where am I?

Vet: Drink your soup.

Rook: Wha–what happened? Ugh! My head hurts!!

Vet: No kidding. You drank three bottles straight. THREE. I had to drink the rest of the bottles and I don’t like beer. I love it though, haha.

Rook: Fuck you! You started this! Ouch! My head.

Vet: Drink your soup. It’ll make you feel better.

Rook: Nah. I don’t do soups. I prefer sweets.

Vet: you go then. *slips a sundae*

Rook: How did you?–

Vet: I don’t do soups. I prefer Sundaes. Normal people drink soup when they get wasted so I thought you’d be the same. What do you know? We actually have tons of similarities.

Rook: Similarities? What the fuck do you mean?

Vet: The moment I saw you kid, you remind me of myself back then.

Rook: What the fuck? You gay or something?

Vet: Pffft. I’ll fuck your mother for free. No. I do see myself in you. And I do see you going to the same path as me. So, I’m taking it upon myself to guide you to a better life.

Rook: You saw me and you want to be my guardian angel? How the fuck does that even begin to comprehend?

Vet: Look. You go to a bar. You order alcohol that is beyond a normal man’s limitation. I know you can handle yourself but your brashness, it’s clear to me that you like to take risks. As if you have life figured out.

Rook: Look man, I don’t know what you are trying to do here but you are freaking me out.

Vet: The sundae is melting.

Rook: It’s already liquefied. *drinks the cup* Ahhh, fuck! Just give me five minutes and I’ll be fine.

Vet: Haha. I bet you 10 minutes you ain’t still okay. Look. I know it sounds creepy, but helping lost cats is what I do. I’m not forcing you. I’ll be at the same bar tomorrow. Same time. If you want to learn life, I’ll be there.

Rook: Are you really serious about this? I’m not asking for any help.

Vet: Unsolicited help? Bullshit. Everyone needs help. It’s just that man is too prideful to ask for help. We need to grow kid. The more help we can get, the better we become.

Rook: Alright, I’ll think about it.

Vet: *Gets up* Do me a favor, here’s some cash. Get yourself a taxi cab.

Rook: I’m planning to walk home.

Vet: Not surprised there. See ya when I see ya kid. *leaves*

Rook: Hey! By the way, what’s you name man?

Vet: My name is not important. And yours isn’t. Let’s just stick with the deal. If you are interested, good. If not, good luck.

Rook: Ayt. Fair enough.

To be continued…