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The Lost Warrior

People call me at work “boss”. I call myself “Like a boss”. For whatever damn reason I was able to make myself, even as a Sales Coach/Trainer, be like a boss. I’m just a Level 2 Sr. Specialist at work and yet I was able to develop tons of skills, do things I’m not suppose to do and gain powers I really shouldn’t have. Somehow someway, I was able to create a work ethic like no other. I get to do my job the way I want to do it. I was able to amaze people. I was a valiant warrior. Through thick and thin I was able to survive everything that was thrown at me. I was good at what I do. But just like the old saying goes, everything good must always come to an end.

Looking back two years ago, I wrote in here how I was willing and excited to try the opportunity to get promoted. Reading my post I say that I was just a young man who was just happy to be promoted. Two years after that, and I’m writing here on how it is about to end. Not that I am really sad in leaving, but quite frankly speaking, I’ll be leaving a washed-up warrior. Right now I’m writing this as a man that feels like I didn’t accomplish shit. I don’t want to say bad things about the company I am working it, I am actually appreciative of the growth I was able to get there both personally and professionally. But reality is, the company just left me out for nothing.

I don’t want to make a very long story much more longer than it is, so to cut it short, the account that I am part of is cutting down people. Being that I am a trainer focus on sales, I am an easy dispatch for an account that is moving out of the sales environment. They no longer need my services and that was something I was expecting for a very long time. I just didn’t expect that its actually quite a challenge to actually deal with the idea. Plans were already created to still ensure me a place in the company but those plans were nothing but plans. I was bound to get screwed and boy was it good. There was really no place for me to be a trainer, no position for me to be transferred at all, except for one: they gave me an option to be an agent again. Being a call center agent is a fine and a hard job but I already paid my dues and to have a downgrade is a huge no-no for me. So I did what a man with dignity would do, I finalized my plans of resigning and I’ll be leaving the company I have been with for more than two years. But you might ask, “So how is this a bad thing? How in the hell are you a lost warrior?” Like I said, people call me boss, I know I am like a boss, and for everything I have done for the company, being that warrior that I am, they got nothing good for me.

Reality is, I have nothing yet in terms of new job. I have applied for some positions to some companies but I haven’t heard any reply from them. I keep making plans to apply here and there but I am actually not going anywhere. With the skills I posses, with the things I can do, with the things I am capable of, I should have been offered a new job right now but sadly it’s not the case. I’m just a lost warrior. I know what I can do, but I’m just squandering around. I know that this is just a challenge that I need to go through but a challenge that I think I shouldn’t really have to deal with. It’s hard to think on what job I’ll end up having next, how long until I’ll have it? What does it take for me to go to the next level. I know that I have potential but what more can I do to achieve it? These are questions that are still going through my brain but I believe these are questions I’ll find answers at somewhere down the road.

I am left right now with nothing but myself.  But warriors  for whatever happens to them, at the end of the day is a warrior. And warriors know how to fight back. I just really need to find my armor and sword and I shall storm again in war with faith that I shall survive this challenge. Whatever happens, fighting for the idea that I shall became a man of greatness is something not by choice, but something I have to do.