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Turning to a New Road and Leaving a Road Forgotten

It wasn’t a long time ago when I spoke about trying to find a new job. How the current one has been dragging the life out of me. I can’t really emphasize more how taking in 35-40 calls every night can be a hell hole. I was pretty much sure I was ready to leave. It didn’t matter anymore if I won’t earn as much as I’m currently earning. Nursing is my passion and want to fulfill the promise I made before that I will serve God’s people as a nurse. But I guess God has a different plan for me. Just when I was a mere three weeks away from my effective resignation date, a blessing in disguise or maybe a kind mishap suddenly occurred. I was considered for a job promotion as a Sales Coach. In fairness, I gave my very best as a call center agent. I went to work all the time, I had a very professional relationship with my workmates and bosses and I made sure that I put up good stats across the board. I made sure that I still represent the embodiment of a nurse even if I am in a different environment. Like I said in the past, I wanted to give this industry a chance if it gave me the chance as well. I was patient, but the time I have placed was almost at its limit. I deserved a promotion but my time was simply done, it was over. I’m thankful for everything I have achieved and accomplished in the call center industry but I have overstayed my welcome. It was time to get dirty, be the nurse that I’ve always wanted to be. But the opportunity that I’ve been waiting for came to the most inconvenient time.

I received an e-mail from HR asking for my resume. I didn’t really know what to do. I was pretty much ready to leave and God knows I wanted to already, but the chance was there. All I had to do was send a resume. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting for the Sales Coach position. December of last year I spoke with my supervisor informing him that HR was looking for one Sales Coach. At that time, I kept on applying to every available job promotion. Sales Coach seemed something I can do and I had the requirements that it required. But the Sales Coach position wasn’t a great choice as per my supervisor since in truth HR yet wasn’t sure if they really needed a Sales Coach. So I applied instead as a Senior Consultant for another account. After a few weeks, they started the interview for the Senior Consultant post, I didn’t get an e-mail. That was practically a notion for me that I wasn’t going anywhere in the call center industry. I filed for resignation and had to render 30 days before I am cleared to be released. So when the e-mail about the Sales Coach position came, I was just simply baffled. I didn’t pursue this position anymore but there it was. When I asked my supervisor about this, he actually placed my name to all suitable job promotion for me. I thanked him for that of course for what he did but deep inside I was disappointed because I just got a reason to stay. I wanted to leave but it’ll be stupid for me to pass over an opportunity of career growth. So I sent my resume, not really hoping it will go well but in a sense, I was hopeful something will happen somehow.

After a day or two I got a reply saying I was up for an interview. I wasn’t nervous at all but I felt that this was my last chance. My will to resign is already there, I’m leaving for good. But if I had to put up one last fight, this was it. So I was prepped up, conveying myself to finally take this one up and been listening to Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ as a motivating factor. I did well in my interview and they asked me for a demo. The demo went well and they asked me for a final demo. It happened so fast that and all of  a sudden I was informed that I got the job and I only got one last week taking in calls before I start as a Sales Coach. I indeed found a road to a new job, but I didn’t expect it to be this way. I was suppose to be going back to nursing, but this road came.  In my last post I asked myself how I’ll find the road to a new job, and now I’m already taking mini steps in it. Its funny to think that I almost left because I felt the call center industry wasn’t giving me a chance but I guess the jokes on me because I’m staying. As much as I’m still staying in the same company, taking a new road is still going to be a challenge for me. But I guess challenges are something I can handle. What I’m actually wondering about right now is the road that I have left untouched. I’m stuck again between passion and opportunity. Its not really easy to just go back to nursing. Its a gamble I you have to take. And I just can’t gamble when something good is happening as of the moment. Its hard to throw away a jackpot when you jut recently won it. But it is what it is. Today I start at my new job. New challenges to conquer. I practically found my way to a road for a new job. Only time will tell if I’ll ever still get to travel to the road I gave four years and earned a license with to walk on.