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The Road to a New Job

If you told me on my first day in College of Nursing that my first job would be in a call center, I will probably find you offensive, let alone, maybe I would have done something I wouldn’t be proud of. Five years after, and pretty much my first job indeed is working in a call center, ironically. I’m just a few days away from celebrating my first year as an employee of Sutherland Global Services in Davao. While its a feat not hard to accomplish, still, with the culture of call centers its not something you can just achieve without hard work. If you think a job in which you just basically “talk in English” is easy, well, its a bit far-fetched than what you would expect. In the past I have wrote a lot of insights about working in a call center and pretty much I know there are still more to come, but I would like to say that it won’t be long enough ’till I finally maybe writing my final posts about working in a call center. You see, I’m about to file a resignation to my very first job as a call center agent, and pretty much I am where I was a year ago, looking for a job.

Now don’t get me wrong, pay is not bad on the place I work at. The money I earn can already be used to raise a family, not quite enough but you can pretty much send someone to school and put food on the table three times a day. For a young guy like me,  I can almost buy anything, party anywhere and can ask someone out for a dinner or movie.  For almost a year I’ve enjoyed the lifestyle of an earning man. The fact alone is enough for me to keep my job. But when you look at the other side of the story, I have every reason to leave. For the past few weeks I have been thinking of leaving the call center industry. Truth be told, despite my nursing background, I want to give this industry a chance, but seems to me its not giving me one. After six months since my day of employment, I’ve probably tried to apply to any available position, but to no avail. There was a time when I was accepted as a Trainer Apprentice, but due to some changes, they couldn’t take me and was back on the depths of taking in calls. I don’t want to take in calls anymore, I have outgrown it. Opportunities are hard to come by in a call center despite their claims that it is a best place for career growth. True, everyone in every level of management started by taking in calls, but there are just a few from hundreds of agents who get to the same position as them. 

Looking for a job ain’t easy. I graduated with a BS in Nursing and you can easily say “Go be a nurse then!”, but that is quite hard to do achieve these times especially here in the Philippines. As much as being a nurse is a general career path I can choose on, there is still a lot of jobs a nurse can do. One of those is being a call center agent, which by the way is already consider a nurse’s second career job to go with. But sometimes you would like to get out of that stigma and go and look for something better. Looking for a better job on what you currently have is a tough challenge. You have to consider a lot of things, especially on pay. In my position, I’m kinda lost with what I’m suppose to do. Where I’m suppose to go. I’ve been used to having a job that I don’t know if I could ever live again going back to square one. Its hard to leave the salary I’m currently having. I’m torn between having a very stressful job and a good payday. But at the end of the day, its about doing what’s best for me. Working around supervisors and managers made me dream of becoming a boss on a very young age, but I know I have a lot of dues to pay. Its complicated at the most part. And sadly, you just can’t easily get a boss job. Its something build upon experience. I guess I’m the type of guy that doesn’t want to have a stressful job but still get paid well. Sometimes I think I should just try becoming an actor, entertainer or a rap artist, you don’t get to do that much but you get paid huge.

I know that there are a lot of things that I can do in my life. I trust on my skills but getting the job you want or finding the career you’ll go with for the rest of your life is hard to get. At this point, resigning is the main option, but not the only option. I could opt to say, keep on doing what I’m currently doing, but at the same time, I could just leave it all, including the pay, which makes this all confusing. I know that a job ain’t a job if you ain’t happy anymore, but I’m a young guy who wants to accomplish things in an early stage of my adult life. There are too many pros and cons, reasons and beliefs, that sometimes I would just like to bet 20 pesos, buy a lottery ticket, and get rich ’till the day I die. Would love to get good opportunities but they don’t just come easily. I guess I’m just lost right now, I don’t have the drive to get something. I’m just floating around, lost in the transition for the next chapter in my life. I would like to believe that there is a future ahead of me but I’m currently working on a present I don’t know how to build. I just want to get out, do big things in my life, but I just don’t know how to get there. Which path to go, which direction to take, which job to take next?


REBIRTH. 2012.


21 years. 21 years I’ve done nothing but be the best son, friend, classmate, employee, heck, a lover that I can be. And for those 21 years, while I got my props from time to time, still don’t get the respect I deserve, still don’t get the admiration I deserve, still don’t get the appreciation that I deserve. And while I try not to be a very important person that much, I just want to be known for something, and that is being the best guy around. I’ve always made sure that I can be a guy you can count on, someone you would admire for his feats and efforts that I’ve done. But no. My life was never the sun over the rainbow sort to speak, it has always been a tough life for me. I still get to eat three times a day, get to sleep in a bed, have what you wold call a decent life, but for me, I’ve always had to go through a life taking shit after shit after shit all the time. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, there are more people out there having a worst life than me, but this is my life, I’m selfish in nature, I think I have the worst life in the world.

But I know that I shouldn’t be thinking this way. I know that I must do something about it. For the past months I’ve been thinking of changing my style. Changing the way I live my life. I want to do it in a dramatic manner. And with the new year looming, I thought of repackaging myself for the new year. I rebirth sort to speak. That’s why I vowed that the time 2012 comes, there will be a rebirth. It’s sort of a new year’s resolution, but something I will have to live by for the rest of my life. I’ve always been that quiet, kind guy but in all honesty, guys like that don’t get the respect they deserve. No one gives a crap about them. Come to think of it, people crap on them. Good guys get to be treated like crap, and that’s what I’m trying to change. While I can’t do that much for the people’s perspective over good guys, I’m not going to let myself be treated like crap. It’s time for me to face the light and be a better man.

So I vowed to myself, that I will be what I always wanted myself to be, someone who can adapt to any person, any place or ant situation. I want to be someone that people will just have no force but to admire. I want to be someone that keeps on doing good things in life. I want to be amazing. I want to be great. I want to be that damn good in anything I do and people will be left but to like it. I want to be that guy that is not shy and will interact with anybody, call someone as it fits and be the coolest guy around. I don’t want to elaborate that much but simply put, I want to be a great person. This doesn’t happen overnight, its something that I must work on. It’s another year ahead of me. While 2011 was good at most, I went through a lot of shit and I want to make sure that 2012 will be worth it. I might still have to go through a lot of shit but I want to go through it like a boss. People can claim that 2012 is their year, but I guess no hurt can be done if I claim it to myself as well.

So for this 2012, I’m going to be different. I’m going to be the Noel Yulo that people have never known before. Sure, no one would care, but hey, this is my life, I’ll do what I want to do. No one can dictate me. I want to be better, badder, stronger than ever. For 21 years, I was a good guy, but no one ever appreciated it. So know, now, I’ll be the Noel Yulo that people might hate, but whatever, like I could give a fuck, I’ll be what people didn’t imagine I’ll be. So 2012 marks the beginning, the rebirth of Noel Yulo. I could have been the best son, the best friend, the best classmate, the best employee, the best boyfriend that I could be, but no, I’ll let them taste the best Noel Yulo that they’ll ever set their eyes upon. I’m not going for the worst, but I’m surely going to be the best at what I do, and trust me, I’ll blow heads off when I get the real shit out. REBIRTH. 2012. The new Noel Yulo is coming. And he’s doing it, like a boss!